Monday, July 24, 2006


We installed the brackets to support the stringers this morning. They are held in place with two screws each. We put in 50 brackets and are still 4 short. We ran out of brackets about 11:00 AM.

We then began putting up the stringers with the hope that we would have most of them done today. Some where along the way we became side tracked.

We were curious as to what the barn was going to look like with the roof on it. We completed all of the stringers on the north end of the barn addition and brought up a couple of the steel roofing panels.

Putting the panels on was the easy part. Keeping them there was a little more complicated. The panels kept sliding off until we could get a couple of screws into them.

The stringers are spaced 24” apart. When they are complete there will be 9 stringers supporting the 18’ roofing panels.

We put four roofing screws in each panel every place it crosses a stringer. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, that’s 36 screws per panel. The panels are 24” wide (that's 2'). The barn addition is 60’ long. We need a total of 30 panels.

We have installed two panels and used 72 screws. So, how many more screws do we have to install? That’s right, 1008 more to go… Piece of cake, right? And now we'll discuss that bridge.

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