Friday, July 28, 2006

We finished installing the stringers Wednesday morning (except for the ones requiring support brackets). We fastened them all together with screws we had left over from joining the two 2”x12”x18’ rafters so I don’t think they’re going anywhere soon.

Roger is in Spokane for the air show this weekend so we won’t be doing anything more on the barn until he returns. He flew his “twirley-bird” to Spokane while I drove dragging along all the paraphernalia that he couldn’t carry in the helicopter; you know doors, sandbags, tent, water, luggage, and other things of importance that probably will not be used.

While we were in Spokane we picked up the hardware we need to complete installation of the stringers and made a Costco run (shudder). Remarkably we managed to escape from Costco with very little more than those things we went in to purchase. That’s nearly a first on our record. Maybe our fortunate escape was because we had no way to get some of the items we would have purchased home without major changes in chemistry during the long trip home in the heat.

Yes, I know the photo does not show the progress but it's a cool photo just the same.

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