Wednesday, July 19, 2006


We began work on the second shear wall today. Having learned from completing the first wall we did this one a bit differently. Unfortunately, we did not have the lumber to complete the header and footer (Oops!) and will have to finish it tomorrow.

Our picnic table arrived today so we had dinner outside. It’s so pleasant here. Oh well, early to rise tomorrow: it’s going to be in the 90’s so we want to get an early start so we can finish the wall before it really gets hot.

Really hot? Okay, so right now it's 8:40am and it's already 72 with 67% humidity. Let me tell you about hot.
Okay... it's 10:30 AM we've been working out at the barn since 8:00 and now it's 92. Of course the humidity is only 22 which makes it a little more bearable. I'm inside for the rest of the day. It's supposed to get up to above 100. Hope you don't melt.
Please. Last night here in Tempe it was 105 AT MIDNIGHT. The high the other day was 118. Yes 118, not a typo.
^ Patrick
That's why we don't live in Tempe... Way too hot.
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