Monday, July 17, 2006


Today Roger and I finished installing the spreaders in between the rafters on the barn. Building the expansion seems so simple until you get into the minutia of the construction. I don’t think anyone really appreciates the complexity of an expansion bridge or an automobile until we actually have to build one.

We’re fortunate that a good part of the preparation (the footings, floor and west wall) were already complete. All we need to do is put on the roof and the north and south walls. I don’t think we would have undertaken the project if we had had to build it from the ground up.

Our next step in the construction will be to install the fiberglass panels on the side of the barn below the existing roof and above where the new roof will be built. After that we will install the stringers to support the metal roof and then the roof itself. Either the material is getting heavier or I’m getting tired. Then again, maybe it’s all the nails. I don’t think the barn will blow over in a windstorm but it may collapse from the weight of the nails.

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