Saturday, July 08, 2006

A few days ago Roger called me outside to view his latest creation (Roger is so full of surprises). I went to see what he was all excited about and… we have (had) a waterfall (sort of). If you look closely you can see the water running over the rocks and onto the ground below.

Roger used the weed whacker to clear away some of the tall grass and weeds around the rock outcropping on the hill so we would have a better overall view of the area we want to landscape. He then experimented with the hose letting the water run over the native rocks. In doing this we figured out where to plant our trees. We don’t want the trees to interfere with our view of the falls.

The rock outcropping is partially covered with dirt. We found this out when we began to dig holes for the trees. Finding a soft spot large enough to accommodate the trees was a bit of trial and error (mostly error). But, we were able to find a couple of soft spots near the rocks and the trees are in the ground. Hopefully they will survive.

Our plan is to put in a basin in below the falls with a pump so that we are able to re-circulate the water and keep the falls going. Knowing what we learned from planting the trees we only hope that we will be able to find a third soft spot for the basin. If we can’t dig down we will need to build up and the hill is not an easy climb (about a 15-20% grade). Hauling rocks of any size up the hill will not be an easy task.

Last year I cleared more than three quarters of the hill with the weed whacker. The task took me about two months. I may not be fast but I’m consistent. I think Roger now has a greater appreciation of the effort.
To give you a better understanding of the size of the task, this is the view from the location of the waterfall. If you look closely I think you can see Roger standing there. Gosh, we have a long way to go...

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