Saturday, May 20, 2006


I think I’ll call “our” cat Specter. Just when you think he’s gone for good we find him outside in the front yard bathing himself (as cats will do). And, then he’s gone again. He visited the junipers for several days and then disappeared.
Here he is dining on cat food. Yes, we really did have to feed him. How could we resist?
He wasn't too sure about eating at first and watched for us to "surprise" him.
The smell was too enticing though and he finally succumbed to temptation. (To give you some idea of his size, the light to the left is 10 1/2" tall.)
He's digging for something he missed.
Got it.
With dining complete it's time to clean the eating utensils.

"Spector" looks alot like "Rocky", the cat we had as kids, growing up in Spokane.
He looks a lot like our cat Heidi. Except for a white chest he could have been Heidi...
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