Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I think we’re confusing some of our neighbors. Roger took two of our new solar powered lights and put them up on the hill behind our house. When it’s really dark the lights appear to be stars shining low on the horizon.

We live in a pretty rural area. There are no street lights so the only lights at night come from our home, Everett’s home, the moon and the stars in the sky (and of course our solar lights). Not much changes from day to day (except for the solar lights). The moon goes through its phases and the stars shift with the tilt of the planet. Sometimes clouds obscure these celestial bodies. Fog sometimes obscures the light seen from our house by the passing motorists. Usually the tired driver, trekking home from a hard day of fishing, gives little notice to our house lights or the phases of the moon as he passes through our little part of paradise. That is, until a couple of nights ago.

That’s when Roger decided that the two little stars on the hill were not enough. We now have part of the Milky Way just above our house, complete with the Big Dipper and a smattering of other “stars” across the landscape. I wasn't sure that the display could be photographed but look what Roger caught on his camera this evening. I guess you could say the moon in the photo is a "solar light" but not one of ours.

One might ask, “Is it noticed by the passing motorists?” Well, let’s put it this way. On my way out to the Koi shed (AKA tool shed) one evening I happened to glance out toward the road as a car was passing. Brake lights came on for about two seconds, the car visibly slowed and then continued on its way. If Roger is not careful, they’re going to take his helicopter away from him because he’s not old enough to fly.

You and what Army are going to take my helicopter away????

About the lights: There are "currently" 31 solar lights, with fifteen more ready to shine.

My guess is there will eventually be close to 200! (PLEASE don't tell Jacquie!)
Well, the crazy just got crazier. ;-)
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