Tuesday, February 28, 2006


We have a new mail box. The poor old one that sagged to starboard and swayed in the breeze is gone. Here to stay (unless some passing motorist takes it out) is the new, improved “safety” mailbox. Why is it a “safety” mail box? Because it has a lock on it…ooh.

Of course it leaked like a sieve. Roger had to caulk up the seams and do some revisions on it so the mail would stop getting caught up half way down to the bottom. It came without a red flag to indicate that there was mail to pick up. Also, there was no place to put the outgoing mail so Roger had to rig up a spring to hold the outgoing stuff. Finally, the mail collection door was in the back. Roger had to take the box apart and reverse it so that we could open it without taking a swim in the drainage ditch behind the mail box stand.

It used to be all we had to do was drive up to the box, open the door and voila, we had our mail. Now, instead of just opening the box and retrieving the mail one must use the key. What happens if we lose our key? Hmmm. Gosh, green is such a great color.

I'm glad you didn't embarrass me by telling how much I paid for this piece of junk!
I wouldn't embarrass myself either...knowing what you paid.
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