Saturday, February 11, 2006


This is the most recent addition to our landscaping. No, they're not going to remain where they are. These pretties arrived the day before Roger left for Dallas, TX. Since the lights are solar powered they had to charge for two days before they could be turned on. They've been sitting in our front yard soaking up sunlight since Rogers’s departure. Last night I turned them on just to see what would happen, and. “Viola! Houston, we have lights." We haven't decided whether to run them along the drive way (as if anyone could use them to navigate the bridge) or along the walk way to the house (a better choice I think).

Much of the original landscaping was taken by the former owners of the property leaving us with a lot of details to fill in. We are figuring we should be done in about 10 years (+/- 5) with the outside renovations. That is if I can just keep Roger from getting more “projects”.

Hey, I just bought some solar lights, too! Except I didn't charge them for two days first. I hope they're not ruined...

Next up - huge solar panels on your roof, and windmills on the ridge. :-)
Please Bryan, don't give your Dad any more ideas. Your Dad already has the solar panel to power the camera that we're placing on the hill. I'm sure he could come up with some idea of how to use a windmill too... :-/
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