Saturday, January 28, 2006

You know, technology is a wonderful thing. I don’t think some people really appreciate what the computer has done for us. I remember my days in grammar school where we were constantly drilled on our multiplication tables and our abilities to spell all of the words on the weekly spelling list. Not only did I have to spell our words correctly we were required to know the definition as well. And…how we practiced and practiced our cursive writing so it was legible.

Now, instead of writing I type. All I need to do is get the word close and this wonderful program called Microsoft Word will correct my spelling. Then, instead of slipping all of my poorly written gibberish into an envelope and placing my five cent (now 39 cent) stamp on the envelope so the letter can be delivered to a single recipient days later, I instantly send the same message to multiple persons within a heartbeat…at least that’s what’s supposed to happen, right?

Our humble residence lies just outside of the coveted wireless high speed Internet service area. So, we had satellite installed. The satellite connection is infinitely faster than dial up though not as fast as cable…but we can live with it.

Unfortunately our satellite service has limits and it is necessary to keep our usage within the limits so that we are not charged an exorbitant amount of money to transmit our words of wisdom and surf the web looking for all sorts of worthless and obscure information.

We have been chugging along for several months now merrily performing the above mentioned actions and managing to stay well within the limits…until this month. At this time we are grossly over in our allotment.

In order to keep down the cost of communicating we have temporarily returned to using dial-up service. Have you ever tried to download a 5 MB file using dial up? For those of you that I have sent these large cumbersome files to and who also use dial-up service I sincerely apologize. The agony of waiting for a single web page to load at 27.4 bps is almost more than I can bear. Our angst should end in about 3 more days.

The real problem has been in switching the computer properties from satellite to dial-up. Roger has spent a great deal of time listening to the elevator music while waiting on hold with our local Internet Service Provider. On Monday, we get to switch it all back again. You know the saying about what you don’t know, you won’t miss? I wonder if I should go back to practicing my cursive.

You really said it ... angst and all! Won't it be wonderful to get back to the "Internet Super Highway?"

Technology is wonderful, but when it starts trying to guess what you want to do (... wonderful program called Microsoft Word) it really torque's me off!


Ps: I still can't figure out how to indent paragraphs the way I want! Where is the old WordPerfect, when we need it?
Hit the tab key. Works every time.
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