Wednesday, January 18, 2006


You know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for”? Well, I guess that would apply here. When we were in CA we lived in a beautiful community with paved streets, sidewalks and many maintained hiking trails. I loved to get out and walk, listen to the sounds of the morning; birds singing, dogs barking, feeling the spray of the lawn sprinklers in your face, avoiding getting run over in the cross walk because our “senior” residents don’t seem to understand that the stop sign really does apply to them. It was all so serene.

Now that we’re in WA we don’t have the convenience of sidewalks and landscaped hiking trails. It’s beautiful but sometimes it’s cold and I just don’t feel like dressing up in multiple layers of clothing just to go outside and start pealing the layers off as I overheat while jogging about the country side trying to avoid twisting an ankle on hidden rocks and uneven ground.

In keeping with the healthy life style I “hinted” to Roger that we needed a tread mill…in fact I hinted a lot…maybe too much because I/we got one for Christmas. Now, each morning it’s upon the rapidly spinning suicide mat and run/walk our hearts out. At least it gets me/us up and out, raises our heart rate and prepares us for our afternoon nap.

Roger bought some weights yesterday to add to those we already use so I guess we’re getting serious about living long enough to accomplish some of the adventures we have planned. That is if someone doesn’t find us passed out from exhaustion.

There's nothing like a nice stroll in the living room to awaken the senses!
Not the living room. The treadmill is in the pool room but I get your idea.
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