Monday, January 09, 2006


We hiked up the hill a few days ago to see the waterfall located at the back of the property. This is not an easy hike for some. The trip doesn’t quite involve packing a box lunch and carrying extra water but it does test the fitness of your legs and lungs.

The hill behind the house is about a 20+ degree grade. That’s the first test. Then we follow deer trails (and deer never walk in a straight line) through the brambles and wild roses, over rocks and soggy soil to our destination. A little winded? Yes, but well worth the trip. The view is spectacular.

The falls (just a trickle during the summer) was running full: not as grand as the Niagara or the Palouse Falls but still beautiful.

On our way back down from our hike we found a small narrowing of the stream bed (quite a ways from the falls). We’re going to work on filling the “neck” in with rock to create a small pond behind it. It should work well with the natural basalt rock on either side of the narrows. Overflow from the pond will create another smaller falls as the pond fills and overflows. We’ll start when the bed is dry and won’t see the results of our labors until next winter. It’s sort of like waiting for Christmas to come again. Unless our project “leaks” it should be quite pretty.

Lovely and linked, if thats ok.
Jacquie - the next time you guys visit down here, I will let you fix up the little trickling stream behind our house!!
I thought the next visit was yours... you fly here, remember?
Wonderful Tony. Glad you decided to visit
Courtney, maybe you had better "examine" the work before you opt to have one built. We're not professionals, that's why we're trying this at home... :)
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